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We’re proud to be partnering with the following companies:

Betty Blocks is an Application Platform as a Service. This means that, with Betty Blocks, you can build an entire web app without writing a single line of code, all through an easy-to-use drag & drop-like interface.

Because Ruby just wasn’t performing, we started transitioning from Ruby to Elixir two years ago. Switching to Elixir allowed us to transform user configurations to actual Elixir code that is then executed at runtime. With Elixir, we’re hitting performance levels we never even dreamed of.

Are you ready to join us in our quest for world domination? Then check out: https://www.bettyblocks.com/careers/elixir-developer

Botsquad combines the richness of traditional forms with the convenience of chat, converging human interaction with automation and ai, transcending chatbots into Conversational Apps. We strongly believe Conversational Apps are the next step for companies to communicate with tomorrow’s customers.

At Botsquad, we use Elixir to scale our bot platform to unprecedented levels. Using Elixir forces us to think in microservices, while at the same time keeping the flexibility of working from a single code base, which is quite handy for a startup like us.

Interested to learn more? Checkout our careers page.