Elixir Bootcamp Learn Elixir in 2 days

Elixir Bootcamp Amsterdam 2018

After the succesful bootcamp of last year, we’re organising another Elixir Bootcamp in Amsterdam, for all of you wanting to learn Elixir.


Thu 17 / Fri 18 May 2018 @ Codaisseur, Amsterdam

The Elixir Bootcamp is a 2-day course to help you learn Elixir, the new programming language which aims for blazingly fast backends while keeping developers happy.

Elixir is relatively young, and has a friendly, Ruby-like syntax. At the same time, it builds upon the rock-solid BEAM VM– the virtual machine that also powers Erlang/OTP: the battle-tested technology stack developed by Ericsson.

For whom?

We’re looking at you, Rubyists, PHP-ists and other backend developers who are looking for their next challenge! Also, people coming from a more functional programming background (Scala, Clojure, Haskell) will feel right at home.

What will I learn?

We’ll be taking a practical approach to the course: besides getting to know the language and experiencing the things that make Elixir special (multiprocessing, supervision trees, metaprogramming), we will also be focussing on making your apps production ready and deploying them.

By the end of the course you will have learned to following:

  • Language fundamentals
  • Using Elixir’s concurrency primitives
  • OTP application structure
  • Creating releases
  • App deployment and hot code upgrades

Check out the full program here

By whom?

The course will be taught by:

Allround developer who has been doing Erlang and Elixir for many years.
Experienced full-stack developer who’s in love with Elixir and started the Amsterdam Elixir meetup group.

When? Where?

The course is scheduled to take place on Thursday May 17th and Friday May 18th, 2017. The location is at Codaisseur, which are located at the Tripolis building 200 in Amsterdam Zuid, close by the Amstelveenseweg metro station. Check the public transport and parking info here.

What does it cost?

We’re aiming to keep the costs low. For an affordable price, you’ll get a 2-day course packed with goodies and 2 teachers who’ll make sure you learn everything you’ve ever dreamt of. Besides the regular price, we’re offering special discounts to students and minorities.

Lastly, we’ll be adding sponsorship packages for companies. Ping us if you want to know more about these.

Sign up

Ticket sales are hosted on Paydro. Regular tickets cost €499, with early bird tickets available for €299, first come, first serve. Early bird ends at May 5th.

Get in touch

E-mail us for any questions: info@elixirbootcamp.com.


Testimonials from the 2017 bootcamp

The elixir bootcamp will kickstart your ability to work with elixir. It was a fun and interactive experience with a social atmosphere. Arjan and Tonci challenged us with cool assignments to master the well prepared material.
— Rein Op 't Land
I would highly recommend the Amsterdam Elixir bootcamp to everyone who wants to learn Elixir. Arjan & Tonći are great teachers and their explanations are clear and concise. Their help and advise when stuck doing the assignments was great. All important features of Elixir are discussed. At the end of the bootcamp you possess a good working knowledge of the language and its potential.
— Koen Chen



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